Discover Musical Instruments From Around the World

Enjoy this series focusing on musical instrument discovery from around the world! Learn a little history and explanation of each instrument from a talented list from our ArtsTeach performers.

1) Andrew Grueshow and The Sogo: Learn about this drum native to Ghana in West Africa.

2) Patrick D'Arcy's Uilleann Pipes: Learn about this type of bagpipe from Ireland with Patrick D’Arcy from A Gaelic Gathering.

3) Anthony Shadduck and the Upright Bass: Anthony Shadduck from Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards introduces you to his upright bass!

4) Baba the Storyteller plays the Kora: Learn about this unique harp, vital to the storytelling tradition of Jaliyaa in West Africa.

5) Donald Dongsuk Kim teaches the Buk Chum: Join Segerstrom Center teaching artist, Donald Dongsuk Kim of Korean Classical Music and Dance, for the Buk Chum (drum dance).