Les Ballets de Monte Carlo - Coppél-i.A

For their triumphant return to Southern California, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo will be performing Coppél-i.A., Jean-Christophe Maillot’s new creation, marking his return to life-size storytelling. The Company’s Choreographer-Director revisits this famous Romantic piece, with an original musical score, exploring the ways in which the development of artificial intelligence is shaping our society today and examining what it means to search for the ideal partner in a technologically advanced society.

Coppél-i.A. projects the audience into a near future in which two young lovers, Frantz and Swanhilda, have their lives upended by an artificial being - shaking their foundations and challenging what they thought they knew of love. Is the ideal partner the flesh-and-blood creature we have always known or the abstract being which questions our position in the human species?

By transposing Coppélia into the era of artificial intelligence, Jean-Christophe delivers a stunning new vision of this classic ballet!

See Les Ballets de Monte Carlo's Coppél-i.A March 7–10, 2024.